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Triton's primary investment focus is on spinout companies. Triton managing directors have worked directly as investors and operators in spinout companies where they obtained first hand experience with some of the advantages that spinouts enjoy versus comparible startups.

Corporate Spinouts

In today's competitive markets, large companies are expected to excel in strategically focused areas of business. These companies often realize that certain operational or development efforts they are pursuing no longer make sense for them. The technologies involved, however, often represent substantial growth opportunities, especially within an entrepreneurial company led by an experienced management team with a significant ownership stake.

Technology Commercialization

Research and development efforts within universities, government-funded and privately-funded research institutions and foreign research organizations. Valuable technology and talented management are often in place but capital and general business expertise may be in short supply.

Non-Traditional Spinouts

The "spin-out" of technology may be through a formal licensing agreement or a purchase of technology or operating assets. However, Triton has also funded less formal spin-outs represented by a group of experienced people who are ready to capitalize on lessons learned within their research environment by launching a new venture.

Early-Stage Investing

Supplementing its focus on spinouts, Triton will invest opportunistically in early stage companies that possess compelling technologies, management teams and/or markets within the industry focus areas of the Fund.